Counseling Services

MS is a complicated disease that strikes most people in the prime of life as they are building families and careers. How it manifests in each person is different, but most people will have to prepare to live with this disease for quite some time. As a result, MS patients and their loved ones are often presented with a host of difficult transitions and emotional issues. Through individual and family counseling, and seminars, the Center offers a range of resources to assist each individual, as well as families and friends.

 The Rocky Mountain MS Center is happy to provide two free counseling sessions to new patients. Please call 303-788-4030 for more information.

Pat Daily web
Patricia Daily, LCSW, Director of Counseling and Support Services

Patricia Daily is the Director of Counseling and Support Services at the Rocky Mountain MS Center.  She has worked in the MS community for more than 30 years and is a national expert in the field of MS.  She writes extensively about MS for patients and firmly believes that accurate and understandable information is critical for the wellbeing of patients and families.

Daily is the editor and primary writer for InforMS, the quarterly magazine of the Rocky Mountain MS Center. For the past 20 years she has taught a monthly seminar, MS 101, for patients and families who are newly diagnosed. She also provides ongoing counseling for local individuals and families.

She received her graduate degree in social work from Smith College and did her internship at the Child Psychiatry Clinic at the University of Colorado Hospital. When asked why she loves this job, Daily said, “it’s incredibly exciting to see people take something that is initially devastating, like an MS diagnosis, and figure out how to manage it and live successfully in spite of it.”

To make a counseling appointment please call 303-788-4030 ext. 120.