"A counsellor was a great help to our entire family when we learned of my son’s illness. She dealt with the situation on a completely factual basis with no ‘sugar coating,’ but at the same time showed a deft understanding of what a newly diagnosed patient might be thinking. He now has a great attitude, and looks forward to his life, whatever may unfold."
Mark, Father of an MS Patient

In our efforts to promote quality of life for patients and their families, we are committed to providing services that support individuals and families with MS throughout their entire MS journey.

We understand that every person experiences MS differently, and that one person's MS can have a profound impact on their loved ones as well. Led by MS counseling and education experts, we offer counseling and support services to clients and their families, and referrals to experienced and qualified professionals for further treatment.

Each year Tom Stewart, attorney and registered PA, helps more than 350 people with MS navigate the process of applying for Social Security Disability Insurance. The hydrotherapy program, led by Michelle Harrison, is one of the best programs in the metro Denver area and a highlight for our KADEP clients.

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PLEASE NOTE: Our Hydrotherapy program is currently suspended, due to restrictions on public gatherings and public pool usage related to the COVID-19 crisis. We hope to resume the program as soon as safely and responsibly possible.

Hydrotherapy teacher and client in poolThis unique water exercise program offers individuals of all ability levels a variety of exercise opportunities, including adapted swimming, deep and shallow water aerobic exercise, balance and flexibility, and training options.

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Counseling Services

AdobeStock 207334682MS is a complicated disease that strikes most people in the prime of life as they are building families and careers. How it manifests in each person is different, but most people will have to prepare to live with this disease for quite some time. As a result, MS patients and their loved ones are often presented with a host of difficult transitions and emotional issues. Through individual and family counseling, and seminars, the Center offers a range of resources to assist each individual, as well as families and friends.

 The Rocky Mountain MS Center works closely with Elissa Berlinger, LCSW, a licensed counselor and MS Educator. You can reach Berlinger at her offices in Denver and Boulder by calling 720-309-7779 or visiting

Disability Assessment Services

MS is the third most common neurological cause of disability, behind only stroke and epilepsy. The consequences of unemployment related to disability are numerous and may include loss of income and medical insurance and depression. Federal disability benefits can help restore critical income and health benefits. The Rocky Mountain MS Center offers the Disability Assessment and Legal Clinic programs to those who would like to learn more about Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or who are applying for benefits.

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