"Although MS is treatable, it is not yet curable. The RMMSC research program is focused on identifying the best treatment strategy for each patient to maximize lifelong brain health, and researching how current therapies give us insights into the biological basis of MS that will lead to the next generation of therapies."
Dr. Timothy Vollmer, RMMSC Medical Director
Our cutting-edge research program — one of the largest in the world — conducts basic science, clinical trials and translational research to find effective MS treatments, and continues work toward the development of a vaccine that may lead to an MS cure.

At any moment, we have dozens of clinical trials underway with patient participants from around the region. The results from this work are driving our medical care approach to maximize lifelong brain health through comprehensive care, which supports the brain’s ability to protect and repair itself and promotes quality of life for patients and their families.

Our physicians and scientists play a critical role in the development of current and emerging MS therapies, as well as studies to determine the biological basis of the disease.

For a complete list of active trials and studies from the University of Colorado School of Medicine's Department of Neurology, please CLICK HERE.


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