Year End Giving

Since 1978, the patient’s voice has driven the work of the Rocky Mountain MS Center. What do patients need? What do their families need? What is it like for them? How can we help?Today, we’d like to ask for your help. 

As the nonprofit 501(c)(3) partner of the RMMSC at University of Colorado, your support of the Rocky Mountain MS Center helps bring our services deeper into our community.

This year we explored the patient voice through art. Inspired by MS patient and artist Sarah Richter, artists with MS or a connection to MS illustrated their experience with multiple sclerosis through videos, paintings, quilts, and photography. Through this art we were reminded of the varied and often invisible symptoms associated with MS that can be such a struggle to relate to others. When family members and friends better understand the experiences of their loved ones, they are better able to help them. Your support today will help us amplify the voices of the MS community we serve.

On the right, we’ve shared a small sampling of this artwork — as well as the powerful reactions of patients, family and friends.

Our mission is to serve patients and families living with MS through care, support, education and research. As a patient-centered organization, we prioritize listening to and learning from our patients and their caregivers. Their voices motivate our focus on better treatments. They have helped mold our education programs to be relevant for patients and caregivers. And they have inspired our cutting edge research to always explore the disease one step further and find the next answer. Patients are at the heart of all we do.

Through the ongoing generosity of supporters like you, we remain a leader in the care, support, education and research for those affected by MS. We sincerely hope we can count on your continued commitment to reach our goals.

Below you'll find a link to our Colorado Gives Day fundraising page. By scheduling your donation for Colorado Gives Day (December 5,2017), you'll be maximizing your gift by helping us take advantage of the $1 Million incentive fund from 1st Bank and the Community First Foundation.

Thank you for your generosity. Your support WILL make a difference.


Box Title

Vision Still 7“It was always hard to understand her pain – this opened my eyes and gave me a way to relate (if that’s even possible) to what she’s going through when her symptoms flare-up.” Jessica, friend of patient. [sensory video]

Fatigue 5“Sarah’s video really spoke to me... the feeling of slow motion, pushing against things to get going. . . I went down the stairs and everything was normal, and now I’m coming back up and, in that time period, my body has changed that quickly. You gotta get in your mind, or out of your mind, ‘is this ever going to go away?” Jeff, patient. [fatigue video]

Box Title

“My wife has struggled with MS for over 20 years now. Her courage, strength, and dignity in the face of unbelievable adversity inspired me to paint this piece. The fluid colors represent life. Ebbing, flowing, light, dark, beauty, ugliness bound in a finite frame. The black rectangles represent MS and its effects on that life - broken, disjointed, disrupted, dark, confused…obscured.” Troy, husband of patient. [painting]

Vision Still 1“I’ve learned that not everything, and often nothing, symptomatic wise, is visible to others. So when you see someone that looks fine, you think that things should be fine... and they’re not.” Sally, wife of patient. [vertigo video] 


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