Webinar: Staying Fit And Active With Aquatic Therapy For MS

Webinar: Benefits of Aquatic Therapy in MS
Wed, Jan 15, 2020
9:00 am -  10:00 am
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Event description:

Webinar Description:

Aquatic Therapy offers people of all ability levels an environment to improve their fitness and function levels, and can be especially helpful for those living with certain symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Find out why the aquatic environment is so unique and learn about the numerous techniques and exercises that are available to you. Also learn why adding Aquatic Therapy to your fitness/workout programs may increase your success with exercise, fitness and activities of daily living.


Michele Harrison, PT, MSCS, ATRIC is a certified Aquatic Therapy Rehab Institute instructor and coordinator of the RMMSC's Hydrotherapy program.

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