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In the fight against multiple sclerosis, the Rocky Mountain MS Center is at the forefront of
developing improved treatments and a cure. With your support, we will continue our innovative work.
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Currently, the Rocky Mountain MS Center at Anschutz Medical Campus, co-led by the Rocky Mountain MS Center Medical Director Dr. Tim Vollmer and Dr. John Corboy, is one of the largest MS research programs in the U.S. Here are some ongoing project highlights:
  • At any time, there are as many as 30 active clinical trials open, and more in the pipeline. Clinical trials include comparative effectiveness studies—meaning we look at the efficacy of one therapy against another—and outcome studies.
  • We can now process patients’ samples on-site, meaning lab work is done quickly and results are shared immediately with researchers. Thus the pace of research is accelerated.
  • Our Clinic team is also developing a new animal model, used in early-stage studies, and has begun a new novel model involving the transfer of human cells from MS patients into immune-compromised mice—all in an effort to better understand the disease process.
  • Other projects underway include looking into the role of B cells—both in therapy and their effect on the central nervous system (CNS)—and exploring the mechanism of action (how something works) of Copaxone and BG-12, the oral therapy under investigation. 
  • Additionally, we are collaborating with Stanford University on studying the potential cause of MS in relation to a protein found in foods. We are thrilled to be partnering with such an outstanding academic institution.
With your support we can do what we all dream of—discover a cure.

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