Gifts of Stock & Securities

Gifts of stock or securities can be beneficial not only to the Rocky Mountain MS Center, but may help you with necessary strategies for your personal investments. When you donate stock, the current value of that investment is deductible as a charitable donation. This can allow you to avoid taxes associated with capital gains from simply selling your shares conventionally. The RMMSC benefits from your donation, and you're able to claim the full value as a deduction instead of paying taxes on your investment. 


"In general people have about 9 percent of their money in accessible cash flow and 91 percent invested in property or securities. When it comes to charitable giving , most people draw from the 9 percent - while not recognizing the strategic opportunities to give from the 91 percent to create benefit for themselves and the charities they support."
Source: Philanthrocorp

To give a gift of stock, please contact your financial advisor and inform them of your wishes. For assistance, you can contact the RMMSC's Sarah Heil at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (303) 788-4030, extension 145.