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InforMSSummer17 cover
2017 Summer InforMS
Feature Article: 
From Surviving to Thriving


Living with MS can be deflating. Are there strategies to help you bounce back? 

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InforMSSpring2017 cover
2017 Spring InforMS
Feature Article: 
MS in the Bedroom.
Sexual problems are a common complaint among people with MS. In this issue, we take a candid look at how to deal with this important issue. 
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 InforMSWinter2016 cover
2016 Winter InforMS
Feature Article: 
Where we've been & where we're going.
A look at developments in MS research with the Co-Directors of the Rocky Mountain MS Center at University of Colorado.
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 InforMSFall2016 cover
2016 Fall InforMS
Feature Article: 
What does your sex have to do with it?
Looking into the factors that influence whether or not someone develops MS, including their sex.
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2016 Summer InforMS
Feature Article: 
Who do you tell?
An examination of the pros and cons of dislosing your MS.
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2016 Spring InforMS
Feature Article: 
Look At Things Differently
Mindfulness is all the rage. Can it really help you see stress, MS, and your life from a different angle?
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 InforMSWinter Cover
2015 Winter InforMS
Feature Article: 
What's New
How we describe, how we treat, and how we defend against MS is changing all the time. Here is the latest on MS research.
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InforMSFall2015 cover
2015 Fall InforMS
Feature Article: 
Painting a New Picture of MS
For years we have used the terms relapsing and progressive to describe the different presentations of MS. Newer technologies are now suggesting they may be one in the same.
InforMSSummer2015 cover
2015 Summer InforMS
Feature Article: 
Cannabis: Smoke and Medicine
Medical marijuana has a long and controversial history. Does it have a future as a therapy for multiple sclerosis symptoms?
2015 Spring InforMS
Feature Article: 
Three's a Crowd
Although MS isn't contagious, it does have an effect on the people close to you. In this issue we examine the role MS can play in relationships with family, friends, coworkers and your medical team.
InforMSWinter cover
2014 Winter InforMS
Feature Article: Treatment Adherence
"White coat adherence" refers to the five days before and after an appointment with a health care provider, when people carefully take their medication and even watch their diets and exercise. What happens the rest of the time? And why is adherence so difficult?
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Fall2014web cover
2014 Fall InforMS
Feature Article: Maximizing Brain Health
Strategies to help your brain last as long as you do, in spite of MS.
2014 Summer
Feature article: 
MS Research
Traveling Back to Look Forward
Over the years scientists have collected mounds of research data. Today they are rearranging the pieces to create a new map of MS.
2014 Spring
Feature article: 
From Mouse to Man -Medical Research
Searching for the answers that lead us to the next questions about what makes us sick or keeps us healthy.
InforMSFall20131 pic
2013 Fall
Feature article: "You Don't Look Sick" 
MS has many troublesome symptoms, and some can’t be seen with the naked eye.
SummerIssue2013CoverImage 2013 Summer InforMS
Feature article: 
Brain Drain - MS cognitive problems are common, confusing, usually mild, mostly manageable and always draining.
cover 2013 Spring InforMS
Feature article: 
Genes, Geography,
Gender, and Germs.
Where does multiple 
sclerosis come from?
Feature article:
The Art of MRI
This issue of InforMS looks at MRI generally, and from the points of view of a neurologist, a radiologist and a person who has multiple sclerosis.
  2012 Fall InforMS
Feature article:
Assessing Risk with Multiple Sclerosis
  2012 Summer InforMS
Feature article:
Multiple Sclerosis and Vision
InforMSJune2012thumb 2012 Spring InforMS
Feature article:
Thriving with Multiple Sclerosis
InforMSApril2012thumb 2012 Winter InforMS
Feature article: 
Living with Multiple Sclerosis - What it Takes to Get Through
InformsFall2011thumb 2011 Fall InforMS
Feature article:
It's Complicated -Understanding Multiple Sclerosis
InforMScover 2011 Summer InforMS
Feature article:
Excerbations and MS
spring_inforMS_11 2011 Spring InfoMS
Feature article:
Managing Multiple Sclerosis Related Fatigue
CoverThumb InforMS Winter 2011
Feature article:
Diagnosing Multiple Sclerosis



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Fall 2004 (PDF) "Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Tissue Bank" "Asserting Your Rights to Make Healthcare Decsions"

Summer 2004 (PDF) "Hot Not - Defeating the Heat" "MS Research Update"

Spring 2004 (PDF) "Cognition in MS" "MS ID Card"

Fall 2003 (PDF) "Dealing with the Diagnosis: There ain't no rules around here" "Tips for the Cold & Flu Season"