InforMS: Winter 2019

InforMS Winter 2019What's Next?

Identifying MS Biomarkers Could Prove a Game-Changer.

What's Next? Identifying MS Biomarkers Could Prove a Game-Changer

By Pete Broderick | Research efforts at the Rocky Mountain MS Center at University of Colorado have been at the forefront of multiple sclerosis care and treatment for decades, but in all those years there’s never been a time where a fundamental change to the MS landscape has been so close.

Thanks to generous donor support leading to the purchase of new technology, research efforts are underway that could have a profound effect on MS — from the speed at which we can diagnose it, to our ability to monitor it, and to the effectiveness with which our treatments work.

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Building Opportunities for Collaboration through Research

By Pete Broderick | The Translational Research Lab has presented the RMMSC at CU with unique opportunities for collaborations with other medical groups, both inside and outside the CU community.

“We are collaborating with the Alzheimer’s group at CU.” says Dr. Vollmer, “as well as with colleagues working at other universities.”

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Astrocytes: A New Target for MS Treatment

An Interview with Dr. Timothly Vollmer

InforMS: Many advancements and research in MS are really leading to neuro-reparative therapy. Can you tell us what’s changed to spur that?

Dr. Vollmer: I think there is this evolving story about how astrocytes act in MS, and it’s really important. There’s a paper published earlier this year by John Prineas, an Australian neuro-pathologist. He makes a strong argument that the astrocyte is actually the primary target, not the myelin-forming cells or myelin.

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'I Have MS, MS Doesn't Have Me.'

By Kerri Cehovic | Jessica Ahern grew up in Connecticut and moved to Colorado in 2015. She works as a social worker in Jefferson County to help support families and children who are facing challenges and crises. Jessica is passionate about her work and dedicates much of her time to service to her community. Outside of work, her family, friends, and her boyfriend Patrick are the most important things to her. She also loves live music, camping, and her dog, Louie.

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