InforMS: Fall 2014


Maximizing Brain Health

By Patricia Daily | When people are first learning to live with multiple sclerosis, they notice that symptoms come and go and vary all the time. Because it seems logical to assume that this is caused by something they are doing or not doing, they begin to search for clues about what makes symptoms more or less active. They begin to preface potential activities with the query, “Will this make my MS worse?” It usually takes a while for people to realize that MS fluctuates all the time, often unpredictably, despite what they do or don’t do.

When they first visit a neurologist they are usually prescribed, or at least encouraged to consider, a disease-modifying therapy. They inquire about other strategies to manage MS and ask, “What about diet? Does acupuncture help? What about yoga?” The typical answer is that the standard of care for MS is to use a disease-modifying therapy and that there is no evidence that any of these other interventions make any difference in the disease course.

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