KADEP Day Trips: Exploring the Front Range

By Becky Post, Becky Post, CTRS, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, Adventure Recreation Coordinator, King Adult Day Enrichment Program

This month’s article highlights KADEP’s Adventure Recreation Day Trips. With day trips, the possibilities are endless. We are able to explore the Denver Metro area and along the Front Range. Some examples include a drive up Mt. Evans for MS4MS, picnics at Clear Creek Canyon’s accessible park and trails, Wilderness on Wheels’ fishing pond and boardwalk, rounds of disc golf with Mile High Disc Golf Club, ski lessons at Eldora with Ignite (their adaptive ski program), and a gambling day at Mardi Gras Casino in Blackhawk.

20180725 135349One client, Nicci, stated that she loves going on day trips because “I like being able to get out in the community and spending time away from home with KADEP friends.” Sixty-six different participants and 88 total have experienced at least one Adventure Rec Day trip this year. Day trips are ideal for individuals who prefer to not spend the night away from home or if we are unable to accommodate their medical needs for an overnight trip. Often these trips can be free or very affordable to clients because of collaborations with community groups and with the transportation cost incorporated in KADEP’s budget.

One example of a community partnership developed after one of our clients, Brent, met Jamie Simono, a member of the Mile High Disc Golf Club, at a local park/course. During their conversation, our participant stated that he didn’t think he would be able to go discing because of his MS. However, through this meeting, Brent helped Jamie get into contact with KADEP. We have since had three different AR Disc Golf Day Trips with the Mile High Disc Golf Club caddying and helping our participants learn the game and navigate the course. It couldn’t have been done so successfully without these awesome volunteers.

20180612 114923 smJamie commented the following about this partnership, “There is a contentment that comes from helping people that I have not felt from any other source. I got goosebumps watching everyone eat lunch together. Knowing that all of their days and maybe their lives were a little bit brighter because of the time they spent with each other made me so very grateful to have been a small part of it. I may not do much with my life but I did that. And that was the important bit.”