International Consensus on Quality Standards for Brain Health-focused Care in MS Published

International consensus on quality standards for brain health-focused care in multiple sclerosis have been published in the Multiple Sclerosis Journal this month. Dr. Timothy Vollmer, Medical Director at the Rocky Mountain MS Center and Co-Director of the Rocky Mountain MS Center at University of Colorado, co-authored the consensus paper with Gavin Giovannoni of the Queen Mary University of London who serves as the Chair of the MS Brain Health Steering Committee.

The consensus paper outlines a practical timeline for brain health-focused MS care and  provide MS teams with quality standards and a framework for service evaluation, benchmarking and improvement. Twenty-one MS neurologists from 19 countries reached consensus on six aspects of the care pathway: symptom onset, referral and diagnosis, treatment decisions, lifestyle, disease monitoring and managing new symptoms. This consensus paper embodies the philosophy of maximizing lifelong brain health which underpins the Rocky Mountain MS Center’s approach to MS treatment and care.  That focus relies on early, effective treatment of MS, combined with healthy lifestyle and activity choices that support brain function and a body's natural capacity to heal itself and slow disease progress. For more information on this concept, check out our webinar.