Art Takes Center Stage at KADEP – One Client’s Story

The Rocky Mountain MS Center’s King Adult Day Enrichment Program (KADEP) is a day program for adults with MS, traumatic brain injury, and other acquired neurological conditions.  KADEP has provides clients with recreation opportunities such as fitness groups, cooking groups, craft groups, game groups, and discussion groups. We encourage and promote independence in hopes of inspiring our clients to feel empowered.

Every year we hold a craft show in which the clients have an opportunity to sell their art they have made in our craft groups and at home over the course of the year. We invite clients, friends and family, as well as the community. All funds that are raised from the sale of the arts and crafts go directly to the client who made the artwork.

Destiny Morland has featured her arts and crafts in the last two KADEP Craft Shows. Destiny taught sixth grade, raised seven children, and is now the proud grandmother of thirteen grandchildren. She was diagnosed with MS fourteen years ago and began coming to KADEP in 2013. Destiny 2When she started taking art classes at KADEP, she wasn’t sure it would be the right fit for her. “I didn’t know I was an artist,” says Destiny, “Then I started taking classes and before I knew it, I was painting and drawing. My first drawing was a dreamcatcher which I drew in pencil. It turned out so well.”

Destiny sought out all of the arts and crafts classes that KADEP had to offer including watercolor, acrylic painting, drawing, ceramics, tie dying, calligraphy, and crocheting.  “KADEP has brought out the artistic me that I didn’t even know I had. It has really helped me bring out my creative abilities.”

Destiny 3Another aspect of arts and crafts at KADEP that Destiny enjoys is the sense of community she feels. Destiny credits Emily Nelsen, Program Director at KADEP, for giving her reassurance at every step of the way. “I’m my own worst critic,” says Destiny, “Emily has given me confidence that there are no mess-ups in art. We all create together and encourage each other. I love seeing other people’s artwork and telling them how great it is.”

For this month’s Craft Show, Destiny created homemade slime in different colors, paintings, and necklaces.  She’s looking forward to taking an Art Journaling class next semester.  “I love my art and I love the challenge of creating things.”

And Destiny’s artistic endeavors have expanded over the past several months. “I love art so much that I went and bought art stuff on my own,” Destiny explains, “At home, I’m painting and I even have an easel now. I know I can do anything now.”