Farewell from Dr. Miravalle

Dear Patients:

It is with mixed emotions that I am announcing I am leaving the University of Colorado.  It has been my great pleasure being part of your care over the years.  My decision to leave Colorado has not been an easy one. After careful consideration I decided to accept an academic position to join the University of Florida for an opportunity that I simply cannot pass up, in spite of being very pleased with my practice at the Rocky Mountain MS Center. I will be named the Neely Professor of Multiple Sclerosis, an endowed chair, Chief of the MS section and Vice Chair of Education. This decision was difficult, but I believe it will be the best for my family and my career. This is a very unique opportunity to build an MS center in the context of a Department of Neurology with well-established models of patient-centered clinical and research programs.

My last practice day at CU will be November 15, 2016. Your care can certainly remain here at CU with my partners, Drs. Vollmer, Corboy, Alvarez and Gross, and physician assistant Kristin Stockman, and I urge you do so. The doctors are nationally and internationally known leaders in multiple sclerosis treatment and research, and I am quite confident you will receive the very best care possible in their capable hands.  Of course, you may seek medical care from another neurologist if you like.  If you choose to do so, I recommend looking for a new physician as soon as possible.  Your primary care physician may assist you in making this decision, and I am always happy to speak with you and lend advice in your search.

Your medical records are confidential, and a copy can be transferred to another provider or released to you or another person you designate only through your permission.  Your records are on file with University of Colorado Hospital.  If you plan to continue your care at University of Colorado Hospital you need do nothing.  However, if you will be transferring your care to another neurologist in the community, please complete and sign the enclosed authorization form and return it to University of Colorado Hospital Health Information Management as soon as possible so we may transfer your records to your new doctor.

I have greatly valued our relationship, and thank you for your loyalty and friendship over the years.  Very best wishes for your future health.


Augusto A. Miravalle, M.D., F.A.A.N.
Associate Professor of Neurology
Vice Chair for Medical Education