A Conversation with Matt Tarpey - Together We Are Stronger

We recently chatted with one of our fantastic volunteers, Matt Tarpey. Matt was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. He was diagnosed with MS in 2008. He's a big Broncos fan and has gone to almost every home game since they were in the old Mile High Stadium. He enjoys going to the pool, sporting events, and visiting friends. He worked for many years on computer programming and networks.

Matt talked with us about why he chooses to volunteer with the Rocky Mountain MS Center and why he's excited about the 2014 Education Summit

Matt, thank you so much for all you do for us.  Why do you volunteer at RMMSC?

I volunteer at the Center to try and give back to the center. I've gotten a lot out of the classes, seminars, and medical services offered by the RMMSC and want to help out in any way I can.  My help is only a couple of hours a week in the business office, but hopefully frees up the staff to work on other things.  Since I'm not able to work, It's important for me to do something where I feel I'm helping out and "giving back" - the RMMSC has helped me out in a variety of ways during my journey with MS and I feel it's the least I can do.

Why are you excited about the education summit? What are you looking to take away or learn from the event?

I'm looking forward to the education summit to see the latest developments in the research of MS therapies. There seems to be a lot that changes in a short period of time that it's important to keep up with the latest, greatest findings and directions we are going with treatments. I'm always interested in learning how to manage some of the pain associated with MS and any other information that can help with the daily living with MS. There is always new information and I walk away with knowledge I didn't have before I attended on of the education seminars.

Do you want to join Matt and hundreds of others at our upcoming Education Summit?  CLICK HERE to register to attend today!