Empower MS Education Series

The Empower MS Educational Series a year-long series of four webinars and written articles focusing on helping patients understand that healthy lifestyle choices matter in the management of their MS. Healthy lifestyle choices matter in the management of MS and this educational series will give you the tools and knowledge needed to successfully implement these changes in your life. The RMMSC seeks to share cutting-edge research results and professional expertise with patients, support partners, and the MS community at large. Our research on MS continues to reveal the importance that wellness and healthy lifestyle choices, when complementing a disease-modifying therapy, can have on disease outcomes.

 Empower MS featured articles and webinars:


InforMS Magazine: Creating Healthy Habits -- You Can Do It!

If you’re living with MS, there are a few ways that you can be a good patient and improve your outcomes. One of them is to get regular care from your neurologist and follow your treatment plan. Another way to give yourself the best shot at maintaining the quality of life you want is through your lifestyle and habits. [read the article]


WEBINAR: Sticking with It -- Real Life Strategies to Help You Form and Keep Healthier Habits

Did you set New Year’s Resolutions but haven’t quite followed through with them? Do you find it difficult to stick to healthy habits? Do you know WHAT you should do, but not how to make yourself do it? Join Kelsey Lantz for the first webinar of the new Empower Education Series by the Rocky Mountain MS Center. She will talk you through the difference between goal setting and habit formation, and some situations where one strategy might work better than the other. Kelsey will discuss why habits in general are so important, and why healthy habits are even more important for people with MS. You will get concrete strategies for forming good habits and tips to avoid common habit pitfalls. [watch the webinar]