Dr CorboyClinicPatientThe Rocky Mountain MS Center offers a comprehensive care approach that maximizes and enhances the brain's ability to protect and repair itself and to promote quality of life for patients and their families. This means treating early and treating aggressively.

We incorporate wellness, exercise, diet and stress managment, and supportive services in addition to the most progressive medical care available.

The Rocky Mountain MS Center at University of Colorado combines one of the most robust MS research programs in the nation with an innovative care model serving more than 3,000 patients a year. The MS Center’s patients gain from consultations with world-renowned MS experts, as well as from access to therapies and investigational treatments available nowhere else in the Rocky Mountain region. Our comprehensive medical care approach maximizes lifelong brain health in MS by early and efffective treatment, and promotes adoption of healthy diet and lifestyle. We believe that building brain reserve through intellectual and physical exercise gives people living with MS the best chance to minimize MS-related disability.

"My head and heart are at rest because when Zach goes to KADEP, I know you guys will take care of him. I don’t have to rush to save him because he’s already saved."
Barbara, Mother of a KADEP Client

We pioneer new treatment strategies that maximize benefit and minimize risk. Our physicians use every possible tool available to find the best treatment for each individual. Our physicians are national experts in neuroimmunological diseases including MS, and routinely treat people with other related diseases.

We also operate the King Adult Day Enrichment Program (KADEP) for adults with acquired neurological disabilities. KADEP provides a place for clients to function independently and enhance their quality of life. KADEP Director Michelle King and her team work with an average of more than 60 clients each day, and provide a safe and structured environment where clients can thrive. 

The KADEP program is the only one of its kind in the front range and serves as a national model of care.

Our Affiliated Clinics

The Rocky Mountain MS Center is directly affiliated with the Rocky Mountain MS Center at University of Colorado. Our physicians also see patients regularly at Denver Health, Childrens Hospital Colorado and the Denver VA Medical Center.

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King Adult Day Enrichment Program

Some people who live with multiple sclerosis and other acquired neurological conditions have difficulty functioning independently and fully engaging in community life. Limited opportunities for social interaction and personal growth can lead to a sense of isolation, lack of purpose and depression. The physical and emotional demands of care giving can create a profound struggle for families who cannot be available 24 hours a day. Remaining at home with family or living independently in the community can sometimes feel like an overwhelming challenge for everyone involved.

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