Board of Directors


Del Arnold
Del ArnoldChair
VP, Colorado State Bank and Trust

Michael Persichette
Michael PersichetteVice Chair
VP, RBC Capital Markets

David Geonetta
David GeonettaTreasurer
VP, ETF Development, Fidelity Investments

Louise Richardson
Louise RichardsonSecretary
VP of Operations, ALR Solutions

Kimberly Eilber
Kimberly EilberDevelopment Chair
Sr. VP, US Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management

Members at Large

Susan McDonnell
Susan McDonnellMember

Robert Shanahan
Robert ShanahanMember

Pam Sletten
Pam SlettenMember
Erica Tarpey
Erica TarpeyMember
Casey Tynan
Casey TynanMember


Honorary Members

H. Lee Ambrose
Liz Frawley
A. Barry Hirschfeld
Kevin and Mary McNicholas
Cindy Medema
Charles A. Miller, JD
Larry Olsen
Steve Roesinger
W. Dean Singleton
Sandee Walling
Marie Windlinger
Adam H. Writer
Diane Writer


Ex Officio Members

Gina Berg
Chief Executive Officer

Timothy Vollmer, MD
Medical Director