Dr. Timothy Vollmer

Medical Director, RMMSC
Co-Director, RMMSC at University of Colorado
Professor and Vice Chair of Clinical Research, CU School of Medicine, Department of Neurology

VollmerDr. Vollmer is a graduate of Stanford University School of Medicine and a former faculty member at the Yale School of Medicine. He is Director of Neurology Clinical Research at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, the Medical Director of the RMMSC and Co-Director of the RMMSC at University of Colorado.
Dr. Vollmer has participated in more than 100 clinical studies in MS and is currently the principal investigator on 13 funded studies. Although he is involved with many different clinical studies and consults on many others, his current areas of interest are focused in three areas. The first is related to developing an understanding of the biology behind neurological reserve and how neurological reserve can be used to help patients recover and maintain function. The second relates to the loss of neurons in MS. Damage to neurons is the major cause of disability in MS but exactly what leads to their death and how current therapies impact this are not known. Finally, although there are many therapies for MS, there is no cure currently in human trials. Dr. Vollmer is pursuing an approach to treating MS (and possibly young people at risk of MS) similar to a vaccine. This research continues, hopefully in preparation for a human trial. Dr. Vollmer is an ex officio member of the RMMSC Board of Directors.