Conversations on MS

Join the evolving discussion and find out what’s new in MS research, symptom management, clinical care options and more. Conversations on MS is our touring workshop led by one of the MS-specialty neurologists from the Rocky Mountain MS Center at University of Colorado. Our doctors travel the region on a regular basis to bring Conversations on MS to you. 

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Conversations Survey

If you've recently attended a Conversations on MS session, we want to know what you think! Thank you for helping us serve you better by taking this brief survey. Your feedback is invaluable. 
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"It was shortly after I was diagnosed that I stumbled across the MS 101 class. Although I had done a lot of research on my own and didn’t expect to learn anything, I went. I learned more in that class than in all my reading and research. Suddenly I had real knowledge and hope."
Elizabeth, RMMSC Patient

Our education programs continue to provide patients and their families with materials and resources to help them make informed decisions about their care.

MS 101 is an indispensable orientation on MS where newly diagnosed patients and their caregivers can get answers that go deeper than clinical explanations and medical facts.

Conversations on MS sessions bring our doctors around the region to talk to patients, caregivers and the public.

Our education efforts also include large education seminars, monthly e-newsletters for both patients and the general public, a regular webinar series, and InforMS — our quarterly magazine with a worldwide distribution.

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    Education Summit

    WEB Photo Oct 25 9 15 59 AMThe Rocky Mountain MS Center's Education Summits are a series of presentations and discussions with leading minds in the care and treatment of multiple sclerosis. We present these half-day events twice a year -- spring and fall -- free of charge to all attendees. 
    Each Summit features keynote presentations from RMMSC @ CU neurologists. After the keynotes, we feature breakout sessions, panel discussions and more, according to each summit's agenda.
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