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Volunteers & Interns

Volunteers & Interns

KADEP appreciates the time and dedication volunteers offer our clients and our program. Volunteers and interns are essential in every facet of our operation, from assisting with clerical duties and facilitating activity groups, to partnering participants in the Hydrotherapy program.


Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Providing project assistance with individual clients
  • Partnering participants in the hydrotherapy pool
  • Assisting with community outings
  • Assisting with meal service
  • Sharing your computer knowledge and skills
  • Helping with special seasonal projects (like gardening)
  • Sharing information in other areas of specialty

We welcome your ideas and input.

To learn more about volunteering at KADEP, please contact Claire Hickey at 303-433-6887 x130 or Kyle McIntosh at 303-433-6887 x129.

internsRecreational Therapy Student Internships


Come complete your formal education process in Colorado, working in a model Specialized Adult Day program for younger adults with neurological disabilities. The program offers a thorough and challenging experience for student interns interested in experiencing a clinical model, community based program. The program is directed by NCTRC certified recreational therapists. The program operates weekdays, so your evenings and weekends are free to enjoy the abundant opportunities Colorado provides.

Click here for a sample from the internship manual including weekly assignments.

Donna Lozano, MEd, CTRS, Internship Coordinator, 303-433-6887 x34,
or Michelle King, Program Director, 303-433-6887 x14.

raftingwebPurpose of the KADEP Therapeutic Recreation Internship

The Therapeutic Recreation Internship benefits the student, the profession, KADEP, and the program participants. For the student, this benefit lies in the opportunity to have practical experience in a setting which is providing established professional therapeutic recreation services. The internship experience is designed to correspond to the student's educational level, previous experience and professional goals. The internship augments formal classroom learning experiences and provides an opportunity for the student to apply theory and practical skills. The student experience is also designed to develop entry level competencies for a therapeutic recreation service position.

Goals of the Rocky Mountain KADEP Student Internship Program

1. Provide students with the opportunity to practice skills learned in the classroom.
2. Promote the expansion of knowledge gained in the academic setting.
3. Facilitate the student's refinement of interpersonal skills and development of work attitudes.
4. Provide feedback of on-the-job performance with the purpose of guiding the student towards improved effectiveness.
5. Provide role models for clinical Therapeutic Recreation treatment.
6. Serve as a transition from the role of student to the role of Therapeutic Recreation Specialist.
7. Prepare the student for an entry-level position in the field of Therapeutic Recreation.

Student Application Process

Any students interested in an internship at KADEP should submit the following information to be considered:

  • A letter of interest    
  • Resume
  • Completed KADEP Internship Application: Click here (PDF) to download and print a version of the application. Mail or fax your completed application, your cover letter, resume, transcripts and letter of recommendation to KADEP. You may also submit your application online: Click here.
  • Current University Transcript
  • Letter of Recommendation

The internship coordinator will set up an interview by phone or in person with qualified candidates. Potential interns must have completed their core Therapeutic Recreation courses with a minimum of a 3.0 grade-point average in those courses. Qualified candidates must also meet all other eligibility requirements to sit for certification with NCTRC.

Camping_webThe internship coordinator will notify the selected students at least 8 weeks prior to the start date of the internship. Prior to the actual start date, all contracts must be completed and signed by all parties. Additionally, the student must provide evidence of the following:

  • Current CPR certificate
  • Current First Aid certificate
  • Proof of Hepatitis B Vaccination
  • Proof of a recent TB test
  • Proof of Professional Liability Insurance & Proof of current health insurance

Therapeutic Recreation Internship Sessions


1st Monday in January through mid April

Application Deadline: October 15

1st Monday in May through mid August

Application Deadline: February 15

Tuesday after Labor Day (September) through mid December

Application Deadline: June 15

Responsibilities of the University

1. Assign a specific faculty member as a student advisor; preferably a CTRS as well.
2. Provide consultation between the faculty advisor and the student and the agency supervisor at least two times during the internship. This can be via visitation for instate schools or via phone for out -of-state schools.
3. Provide the student with the necessary educational background for field placement.
4. Advise the student of what constitutes necessary education background for field placement.
5. Counsel the student prior to internship to insure an appropriate placement.
6. Provide the agency with an updated University internship manual.
7. Receive feedback and evaluation of the student and of the school program from the agency supervisor.
8. Provide a letter of agreement assuring that the student is covered by liability insurance coverage.

Responsibilities of the Student

painting1. Complete a minimum of 600 clock hours during the 15 week internship (preferably at 40 hours each week).
2. Participate actively in KADEP staff meetings. Attend Rocky Mountain MS Center meetings as needed.
3. Join in KADEP program activities; i.e., Hydrotherapy, Support Groups, Coffee Houses, Participant Advisory Councils, Special Events, etc.
4. Participate in weekly care conferences and scheduled meetings related to participant care.
5. Attend two site visits, one clinical and one community to observe their TR process.
6. Take on increasing responsibility in planning and leading therapeutic recreation activities and groups. This includes writing objectives, dealing with group and individual issues, and evaluations.
7. Participate in one hour per week of one-to-one supervision with the Internship Coordinator. Meet at least twice with the Director, to discuss progress and concerns.
8. Chart pertinent information on participants.
9. Keep a daily journal and submit weekly reports summarizing the week's experience.
10. Complete a final report of the internship experience, including evaluations.
11. Attend pertinent inservices and workshops.
12. Attend professional meetings and participate as possible in local CTRS, ATRA, or other appropriate professional activities.
13. Provide your own health and liability insurance.
14. Fulfill all assignments.
15. Provide the agency and staff with your direct feedback regarding the King Adult Day Enrichment Program. Identify concerns, suggestions, and evaluative information.
16. Be responsible for your own learning process. Set meaningful individual goals, solicit feedback, and be actively involved in assuring the success of the internship experience.

Responsibilities of the Agency

The Rocky Mountain MS Center and the King Adult Day Enrichment Program commit to do the following:

1. Provide a formalized orientation.
2. Provide consistent evaluation to student as well as periodic feedback to the school on the student's progress.
3. Provide consistent counseling and feedback to the student during the placement.
4. Provide equal consideration of prospective interns as long as prerequisites are met. The Rocky Mountain MS Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
5. Provide inservice training and supplemental education as necessary for special topics or skills.
6. Provide an internship manual with generalized policies, procedures, and guidelines.
7. Provide a listing of specific tasks and experiences to be accomplished by the completion of the internship.
8. Take no more than four interns at a time, in order to offer effective supervision and quality experience.
9. Appoint a supervisor who is currently certified by NCTRC and who has a least two years of experience in the field.
10. Outline legal and quasi-legal aspects of the agency (Workman's Compensation, Incident Reports, Charting, etc.).


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